Your passion melts my heart  

Posted by Tiffany

I'm so excited that I just can't stop praising Him!!! I'm just so delighted that though my heart can be so cold and hard, all it takes is one glimpse of His passion, one glimpse of His delight for me to set my heart ablaze! It's not through using my own strength to praise His name, it's not through 'willing' myself to glorify Him, but when I see just how much He loves me and how much pleasure He takes in me, my heart just starts singing praise and I can't stop worshipping Him!

That's the way it's meant to be...that I would love Him because He first loved me. I know that He's been telling me this for so long now, but I forget so often, and everytime He reminds me of this, I am so delighted again! When He pours out revelations of His love for me, praise just erupts and flows out of me like a gushing river without me even trying!!!

Captivate my heart, Lord! Let me experience a delight and pleasure with You that I will never EVER find in this world or even in any relationship. Ruin me for this world by transforming the very desires of my heart with Your love! I want to desire only You, my King. Break down every idol and reign over every area of my life and heart! Whom is there on heaven or earth like You? You are the fairest of all men to ever walk upon this earth and my heart beats with passion for You.

Oh Lord, just as I delight in being enjoyed, so too do You want me to enjoy You! Teach me to love You more and more and more! Open my heart to receiving more of Your love so that I might give more love and devotion back to You! I love you! I love you! I love you!

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The beauty of Christ shines so brightly from you! Please continue to share your stories of beautiful encounters with Him! They are such an encouragement!!
Song of Songs 4:9 You have captivated my heart, my sister, my bride; you have captivated my heart with one glance of your eyes.

4/18/2009 5:22 AM

What refreshment to read these words - just came across your website as i was listening to rolland baker (one of his old sermons) and he mentioned the book "lillies among the thorns" and that is how i found you - how blessed i am -

4/19/2009 11:34 PM

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