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I went to my first wedding ceremony today and it was so awesome because not only did we get to celebrate the love that Josh and Priscilla had for each other, but being able to witness the ceremony allowed me to catch glimpses of Jesus' heart for His church and for me.

When Priscilla walked down the aisle, she looked so breathtakingly beautiful and I peeked behind me to see what Josh was doing. His eyes were fixed only on her and he couldn't stop smiling and crying all at the same time. Everyone could see the love and joy that he had for her and as I saw that, I caught a glimpse of Jesus' heart as our Bridegroom.

I don't even know how to put into words what I experienced at the ceremony, but it was as if we were all caught up in heaven and not only were they getting married, but each one of us were getting married to Jesus too. As I watched Josh and Priscilla, I kept hearing Jesus whisper, "I have eyes only for you. I have eyes only for you." And I just felt so incredibly beautiful at that was so strange, it was like the whole room faded away and even though there were all these people around, I knew that He was looking only at me (and the funny thing is that I knew that He was doing that for every individual there too...but somehow He can make it seem as if we're the only one).

I knew that one day when this age is over, there will be a huge wedding in heaven to celebrate the love that He and I have for each other, the love that He and the church have for each other. One day, there will come a time when all will be revealed and I will see and know and understand every memory that we've shared together...and on that day, when I walk down that aisle, His eyes will water and smile just like Josh's did today, because I know that His heart is captivated by me.

There was one part of the vows that they exchanged that touched my heart so much because I heard Jesus saying it to me. Josh said at one point, "Everything that I am, I give to you" and I was just so struck by how that is a picture of how Jesus loves me...Everything that He had, He gave up and when He was raised up to the right hand of the Father, He made every spiritual blessing in Him available to me. He holds nothing back from me, and just as in the earthly realms, when people get married, everything the husband has becomes the wife's, and everything the wife has becomes the husband's, so too does this happen in my relationship with Jesus.

Today was super, super cool and I'm so delighted that I got invited to witness Josh and Priscilla's wedding ceremony, not just because I got to be part of their special day, but also because it became a really special day for me to be able to have a deeper understanding of what it means to be married to Jesus :)

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