The truth will set you free  

Posted by Tiffany

"It is finished."

What did Jesus mean when He said those words on the cross? Did He mean, "It'll be finished soon" or "It's going to be finished at some point" or did He simply mean, "It is finished. It is done"?

My past crept back into the present last night and today, and it had some fun with me, but my God reigns!!! My heart is deceitful above all else. It really is, and I still can't believe how much turmoil can be stirred up within me when I let one tiny lie slip past the cracks.

Instead of taking my thoughts captive, I believed the lie, "I always hurt people I love", and "Everyone I love always abandons me" and things quickly spiralled out of control. But you know what? I've just been spending time with the Lord and I just kept hearing Him say, "It is finished. It is finished. What you are experiencing is not reality but just an illusion that has been created because that is what you believe."

So I went into that quiet place with Him and asked Him for His truth, cuz I think I've finally accepted that I know nothing and I can't trust anything I think or feel. Only His word will bring reassurance and a promise that I can cling to, and He spoke so much life into me.

Firstly, He said that I don't always hurt people I love. In fact, as His bride and daughter, I am His chosen vessel to invite people to the gift of ETERNAL LIFE. I am a channel of BLESSING not curse!!! :D Of course that made me pretty happy!

Then He showed me a vision of my past, and I didn't realise it until now, but I guess in my heart I always believed that all those times I hurt in the past, God was grieving over it but from a detached observer point of view. This time though, I saw that He felt EVERYTHING with me. Everything I went through hurt Him in the same way it hurt me, and even more, because He loves me so much that it hurts Him to see me hurt! Somehow just knowing that He was always there has made it all okay even though it doesn't change what has happened. It wasn't just me walking through all that crap...He walked it with me! Yay! He has promised never to leave me and He has placed me in a family that is for all of eternity, which means even when people leave, they'll never get rid of me because we're one in Christ for all eternity, HAHA. Suckers! I blessed brothers and sisters.

I can't even begin to express how much freedom I feel right now! It's amazing how just having the word of the Lord can bring so much life, and it's so true that when I know the truth, the truth will set me free! I was hurting so much yesterday night and's been a long time since I've hurt this much, but all it took was a few words from Him for me to be healed. Hallelujah!

He is the coolest Father ever.

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