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I was at a Prayer Mountain meeting tonight at church and it was so cool, because I went not expecting to have anything to give, but God kept reminding me of all these things He wanted me to say! I love it when I have those times when I open my mouth and He just fills it! At one point, I had my eyes closed and God just started speaking through me and I was so stunned because He just kept speaking and speaking and speaking, and suddenly I broke off the flow in amazement and said, 'Oh CRAP, where did that come from?!?!' He blows my mind!

He reminded me tonight of a vision I saw a year ago where I was in the sky with Jesus, floating over a huge ocean. There was the most beautiful sunset, and as far as I could see, the sea stretched from horizon to horizon and reflected all the golds and reds of the sunset. As I looked, I saw angels all around Jesus and me, and they were singing in adoration, worshipping and bowing down to Jesus. Then suddenly, they stopped, and all of heaven was silent as Jesus opened His mouth to speak.

He took my hand and intertwined His fingers with mine and lifted our arms up. Then He opened His mouth and said, "Today, I declare before heaven and earth that Tiffany is the bride that I have chosen. She is forever Mine." and then all of heaven cheered, because the King of kings and the Lord of lords had chosen and I was found to be worthy because of His precious blood that was shed for me.

Tonight, I saw that same vision again, and Jesus told me, "Remember, no matter what obstacles you face, no matter how you feel you fail Me, no matter what mistakes you make, remember that I have chosen YOU. I have chosen YOU. You are mine and I will never let you go." I know I struggle so much sometimes with questions of 'who am I?', 'what is my purpose?' and 'why am I so weak?'. But tonight, He showed me so clearly that it doesn't even matter who I am or what I do, because all that matters is that He has CHOSEN me.

And if He has chosen me...

Then He's chosen YOU.

God has no favourites. Everything that I've ever experienced is true for the Body of Christ too! Hallelujah! What a God we serve! He is more than able to give ALL of Himself of ALL of us...He doesn't have to split Himself and gives only parts of Himself to us, but He withholds none of His love and heart from us. He has lavished it upon us and I rejoice as I receive His showers and rains of everlasting love!!!

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Sometimes I wonder, what more could I want? Every morning when I wake, Jesus whispers in my ear a new adventure with Him, a journey of serving Him and loving and learning and leaning upon Him, a journey to the High Places. Never, ever, ever, ever does He fail us, yet we are sinners, He pours over us blessings of joy! Praise God! Let's live for Him!

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