I am nothing  

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I know nothing.

Honestly, the more I walk with Him, the more I realise that I know absolutely nothing. I can do absolutely nothing apart from Him and I dare not trust myself at all. I am frustrated by my weaknesses, and I am fed up by all my failed attempts to change myself...this is why I need a Saviour...There is nothing I can do, with the most passionate of human zeal to ever change this deceitful heart of mine.

As I was praying earlier, I was a vision of me entering into the throne room of God but there was this long checklist trailing behind me. On it, I saw certain items like, 'Spend time with God', 'Prayed for people', 'Listened to someone's problems', 'Encouraged someone'...

These were the things that I didn't realise that I did to make myself 'feel' righteous and like a 'good Christian', but God showed me that this was actually a work of my flesh apart from Christ, and that this was not what He desired for me. Jesus wanted me to know that it is only by His blood that I am made righteous and that He wanted me to lose all those lists of demands and expectations that I place upon myself. No more, 'I should' and 'I shouldn't', but just a deep knowing that there is no performance involved in my Father's love for me.

I try and try and try to please Him, but everytime without fail, I fall flat on my face.

Oh Lord, help me!!! Only You can change this prideful, hardened heart of mine...

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wow tiffany. pee tee ell! i'm so encouraged by your writing. how, how would one grow & walk in God? i try and fail, and try, and fail. it stinks. i'm thirsty -- but does it involve getting bored at devotions at first -- though you KNOW theres so much life to be had!?!?!

2/27/2009 1:21 PM

Wow... I know that God often speaks similar things at the same time... But I was a bit surprised when I read this entry just now. Towards the end of Feb, God was speaking to me about my 'checklist' in a very similar way. It's cool how God speaks and confirms things through others, at the same time it's almost scary to see how it was pretty much the exact same thing at the exact same time (I didn't know about that until now...).

Yay! Finally caught up to 2009 on your blog (was starting from the beginning a while ago...)!

3/20/2009 2:55 PM

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