End of Semester 1!  

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I handed in my last assignment and sat for my last exam for the year today.


What bliss.

I'm rejoicing over here that I have officially finished my first semester at CUHK. I never thought that I would actually live to see this day, and even when I first moved back to HK 6 months ago, there was a small part of me that was just waiting for me to 'screw it all up' and I was watching the whole time to see when I would fail again. But the amazing thing is that His grace is so upon me!

2 years ago, I left Australia in a complete disgrace. I, the straight A student, flunked out of university because of a drinking problem and I spent the last 2 years getting my life back together with God. I had no friends, my family were strangers to me and I hated myself. But greater is His love than anything I could ever have done to try and destroy myself! The life He has given back to me is infinitely more beautiful and amazing than the life I had before I went down my path of destruction.

Indeed all things have been made new and the old HAS passed away! Hallelujah!

THIS is the King that I serve, love and worship. He is the One who gave everything that I lost back to me and blessed me beyond measure. I still look at my life sometimes and am just so overwhelmed by the joy and peace and most of all, love, that surrounds me.

I have the most amazing relationship with my family now, the most awesome friends in the world that I consider my family, I'm living alone in a foreign country and not just surviving but loving it and I've just finished my first semester at uni. Could life get anymore incredible than this?!?! I have no other words to express my complete and utter gratitude towards Jesus, whose death made all this possible.

Thank You, Jesus, that when You were in the Garden of Gethsemene, You saw that I would have need of Your sacrifice. Thank You for saving me.

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Yay, for you! It sounds like you've made great progress!

God is so good and you are proof of His mercy!
Keep on keeping on, friend!

12/19/2008 3:41 AM

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