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During my Quiet Time just now, I decided to try what I heard earlier today in a sermon about singing the Scriptures. So, I pulled out my Bible, and turned to Psalm 42 and asked God to put a new song in my heart and in faith just opened my mouth and started to sing about how much my soul longed for God. Granted, I didn't sound very good and felt a little foolish at the start, but the act of singing the Scriptures to God was so powerful!

I was almost halfway through the Psalm when Jesus' sweetest presence descended in my room. It was so refreshing that I almost cried. When I finished, I asked God to put His song in my heart and when I opened my mouth, it was a different tune and I started singing from His perspective about how He created me to thirst and hunger for Him. It was so beautiful! I was having such an awesome time that I didn't want to stop so I turned to Psalm 23 and started singing that one too.

After a while, His presence was so strong that I couldn't even stand anymore. I just fell on my face and was silent before Him while my heart just kept crying out, 'Holy, holy, holy!' and 'Consume me, Lord.' I could literally feel myself being lost in His love and I knew at that moment that He was there with me, embracing me and showering me with His kisses of love. I felt so tiny before Him and yet, I felt so beautiful in His eyes.

I just love those days when you're totally unprepared for what God has in mind, and He just shows up in such an incredible way.

How could anyone say the Christian life is boring?

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beautiful post!

and, to answer your question, I have absolutely no idea!
they MUST not have a real relationship and fellowship with God!! sad :(

12/13/2008 11:22 PM

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