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I was walking along the footbridge today, on my way to school, reflecting on the amazing changes that God has worked out in me, through me and around me. I can definitely trace this great growth with the daily practice of having my quiet time with Him. I started disciplining myself around August last year, and I still remember the struggles in the mornings, waking up at 7am and desperately trying to stay awake to pray and read the Bible. I could barely manage 5 minutes back then, and I even had to stand up in front of the air-con, freezing my butt off in order to stay awake. And now? One hour just zooms by too fast, and I am astounded at the intimacy and closeness that I have with Jesus and how He honours our little offerings of ourselves to Him.

So I was walking and thinking about how I was a heavy smoker for 8 years and how incredibly hard it was for me to quit. I realised that this whole year I've managed to go without smoking, (except for the one cigarette that I gave in to earlier this year) and I couldn't stop smiling because Jesus has freed me from so many bad things. All the things that I used to hate about myself and despair over because I never could change, He has conquered and turned into beauty. I still remember all those nights I didn't sleep, crying over my absolute helplessness to change my circumstances.

And just as I thought those thoughts, some lady who was handing out these cards passed one to me, and as I glanced down on it, I saw 3 words printed on the card (there were only 3 big words printed on one side and that was the side handed to me). It said, "NEVER GIVE UP."

Oh AMEN!!!

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I agree, Jesus can free us from so many bad things. We just need to seek Him and trust in Him. I've seen it done in my life and in many others. Nothing is too hard for Him!

Many sweet blessings!

11/06/2008 11:55 PM

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