Jesus & Psychology clash  

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I have 2 papers due for Psychology next week, and it's now Day 4, and I still have nothing written. It's an understatement to say that I am struggling.

My university takes a very scientific approach to Psychology - everything is evidence-based rather than theoretical, and there is black and there is white. There are no greys. Unfortunately, for the 2 papers that I have to write (the first 2 that I've had to write since uni started a month ago!), there is absolutely no way that I could write it without mentioning God and my faith. I cannot deny Him or lie that I embrace Psychology 100% because I don't. I believe that Psychology does have some truth, but that only Jesus is the way, and the truth, and the life. The problem is, I am in the minority and I know exactly how I'm going to sound when I write my paper.

Yes, I know that I'm not going to write with the attitude of, "You're wrong and I'm right." Believe me, I know how to be tactful and sensitive. But it doesn't matter how politely and gently you say things, or even if you just touch on it, the second you say the word, 'God', minds close up and people label you as a 'religious nut'.

I firmly believe with all my heart that only God can bring true healing because only He is the source of love and everything good. I was in therapy for 3 years and on medication too, and I thank God for using all those counsellors and Psychologists to help me to survive until I was ready for Him to meet me, deliver me and heal me. However, Psychology only gave me coping methods and strategies.

And that is why I can't write my paper on ethics without mentioning Jesus, that is why I can't write my other paper on my career plans to become a Psychologist because honestly, I don't believe in Psychology, I believe in prayer and the power of my God. And this is why I'm home on a Saturday and not at 180 fellowshipping with my brothers and sisters, because I am desperately praying and crying out to God that He would put to death every part of my heart that still lives for the approval of this world. Every part of me that is still unwilling to be foolish and ridiculous for His sake.

That I would be given that fire of love to not even deny Him in the smallest and most insignificant things because it hurts Him, it hurts Him, it hurts Him. Denying Him isn't even saying, 'He's not real', denying Him is not mentioning Him when I should or putting Him to one side and saying, 'You belong in the 'spiritual things' and not in my university life.' BECAUSE IT'S NOT TRUE. It's not true. He is my life and even at uni, He is my constant companion and lover when no one sits or talks to the kid who doesn't speak Cantonese. He is always with me and I will not hurt the One I love by ignoring Him in the papers I have to write, because these are reflection papers asking us what we think and not research papers where I can just plonk down quotes and references from other people.

If anyone's ever had to write a paper for college where it was unavoidable to talk about their faith, please email me!!! And for the rest of you, please pray. God knows I need it!

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