He even helps me write my papers!  

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This is so exciting!!!

After blogging my struggles in my last post, I went back to crying out to the Lord and telling Him that I was surrendering to Him. Surrendering my reputation, surrendering my studies, surrendering every right I have, that I might be used by Him no matter where I am to bring light. And you know what?

My precious Jesus started speaking to me and giving me the outline for my paper and He even gave me the opening sentence! So awesome! This is the God we serve. A God who is so intimately and personally involved in every area of our lives!

I love how Jesus phrased so many of the things He wanted me to talk about. He is so amazingly and fabulously humble and encouraging. Not once did He put down Psychology, but He kept affirming the good things that Psychology has contributed to society and then added on His truth afterwards. He is so positive and never condemning! He is so beautiful. *sigh* I am so in love.

I love it. I could not have a better Teacher :D

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