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I had the weirdest experience on Monday whilst grocery shopping. There's this supermarket opposite from where I live that sells their sandwiches, salads, sushi and fruits for super cheap after 6pm. So there I was, browsing in the sushi section, when this old-enough-to-be-older-than-my-father, Caucasian businessman approaches me and starts chatting me up.

At first I was feeling so uncomfortable...I remember thinking, 'Oh no...not this again. Why does this always happen to me? What's wrong with me?' But then quickly, I focused my thoughts and asked God, 'Should I walk away now?' Surprisingly though, God said, 'No, wait.'

Me: "Okay...well, what do you want me to do God?"
God: "I want you to share your testimony and tell Him about how I have changed your life."
Me: "Umm...okay...when?"
God: "Just wait."

So I wait and suddenly the conversation turns from my pretty smile to what I'm doing in Hong Kong. I start telling the guy that I was studying Psychology so that I could go into counselling because growing up, I had a lot of messed up friends who were suicidal, addicted to drugs, alcoholics, etc. "But a nice girl like you shouldn't concern herself with such depressing things! You'll just get down listening to all those problems that people have", the guy said.

I suddenly see my opening and I jump in, "Actually...I think I'll be okay because my faith will sustain me." And then right there, I start sharing my testimony (the poor guy didn't know what he was in for when he talked to me!) and talking about how Jesus has impacted me so much.

And you know what? Turns out this guy was actually an ex-Sunday School teacher who became so disillusioned with the church that he walked away. I really believe that Jesus misses him and He used that situation to remind him of that. Praise God! It was strange...once God opened my eyes, I didn't even see him the way I normally see old guys who hit on me (as dirty old perverts!) but I saw him through God's heart and saw just how lost and miserable he was without God. I saw him as a person who'd made mistakes, just like me, but someone who was still so worthy and deserving of love, because that is the whole purpose of why we were created. We were all created to share in this divine love, and it breaks my heart to think of people who're missing this sweet and eternally fulfilling fellowship.

I'm still so tickled when I think about how God totally turned a potentially awkward situation into something good.

God: 1
Satan: 0

I'm on the winning side. Oh yeah, baby!

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sucker didnt know what God had in store for him!!!
by sucker, i dont mean it badly :P

oh God turns everything good.

11/25/2008 4:44 PM

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