Goodbye Singapore...again  

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I'm off again tomorrow! For the 2nd time this year, I'm moving to a different country to begin a new life...only this time I'll be committing to 3 years instead of 6 months. feels good. Since the start of 2007, I've been in Hong Kong for 7 months, Singapore for 4 months, Penang for 3 and a half months, Nepal for 6 weeks, Singapore for 3 weeks, Hong Kong for 1 week, and Bali for 1 week. Whew...I'm exhausted just looking at that list.

It'll be good to settle down in Hong Kong for a good 3 years (at least!). I praise God for this chance to start anew and have a normal life! He is so good to me. I'm feeling so excited right now because I feel like I'm stepping into the start of my destiny. For so long, my life has been on standstill, a transistion period, neither here nor there, but now I am going to the place where God has been calling me and I get to be planted and put down some real roots.

This last year has been such a time of immense growth and healing, and I can't wait to be back in Hong Kong and see the place through different eyes. I was feeling a bit apprehensive at first about going back to Hong Kong because it's the place where everything went wrong during my teenage years, but God has spoken to me so many times these last few days through other people and during my quiet time to reassure me that He is with me. I don't need to know every detail of where I'm going to stay or how I'm going to make friends because He will provide everything I need if I just wait on Him.

I really love Him for confirming so clearly that I'm really meant to be in Hong Kong because when things don't work out the way I want them to, or when I'm feeling discouraged, I can have the assurance that I'm exactly where He wants me to be, and He will honour my obedience by working everything out for me.

I'm not naive...I know it'll be tough, but I am determined not to complain when the going gets rough, and to keep my eyes focused above and not below. Why? Because I know that I am my Father's precious daughter, and I am Jesus' beloved, and I am so dearly loved by the Trinity. His love will enable me to endure all things for His sake.

Yes, there will be times where I will cry...a lot. There will be times when I feel discouraged and beaten down. But I WILL run into my Heavenly Papa's arms and know that His love is more than enough. I will die to myself and my rights and recklessly abandon myself to Him so that He can be that fragrant perfume that I carry with me wherever I go. feels so good to know that I am loved so very, very much.

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"I will die to myself and my rights and recklessly abandon myself to Him so that He can be that fragrant perfume that I carry with me wherever I go."

Man... I'm excited for you too. Keep blogging!

7/30/2008 12:14 AM

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