Change of plans  

Posted by Tiffany

'I don't know the specifics of the plan God has for my life, but I know this: That no matter where He calls me, I will go. He will lead, and I will follow, and I want my life to be poured out for the glory of His name. No matter what the cost, I know that His grace will be sufficient."

It's kinda ironic that I wrote that yesterday.

I was supposed to fly to Penang this Saturday to attend the Father Heart School that I've been looking forward to since February. Also, I had been so excited about getting to see my friends in Penang.

But God had other plans. Last week, my university in Hong Kong called to say that I had to be in Hong Kong on the 31st of July to attend their student registration. So, my dad changed his flights so that he could be in Hong Kong to register for me on the 31st. But then a few days later, the uni contacted me again and said that I also have to be there on the 7th of August to collect my student package. Unfortunately, my dad wouldn't be in Hong Kong by then so he wouldn't be able to pick it up for me. *sigh*

That means my trip to Penang is cancelled :( I think I'm still processing through how I feel. I've gone from complete peace, disappointment, joy and then sadness during the day. I really do know that it's all in God's hands and that this is right, but my heart doesn't seem to know that!!!

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I'm disappointed for you too :-(
But He must have another greater plan to call you back, even if you don't see it.
Even though I went back for 5 days, the schedule was so packed that I had no time to see Yee Vonne and absolutely no time to relax for chats. But I did get to spend time with the kids.. and that was real nice :-)

7/23/2008 11:21 PM

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