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Man, I am absolutely exhausted! I've been attending the Go Fest Asia mission conference these last few days and I've had hardly any sleep. Liyien and Sharon (two friends from Malaysia) came down for the conference and stayed at mine, so every night we stayed up late talking, which meant that every morning we felt like we were dying when we had to wake up.

The conference was pretty good, but the highlight was definitely during the Friday night evening rally where Loren Cunningham (founder of YWAM) gave a message on reaching the next generation. At the end of his message, he gave an altar call and asked those who were willing to give up everything and give their lives to serve Jesus to come up to the front as a public commitment to Jesus. Well, I had already been laying this down during my quiet times with God so I didn't need any urging. It's pretty funny how much I've changed though...in the past, with these huge conferences, I always waited till lots of people had walked to the front before I got out of my seat.

This time though, I really didn't care what anyone thought, I just wanted God to know that I was so serious about Him, and I practically jumped over my friend next to me and raced to the front. I think I was actually the first one there, lol! Talk about being way too enthusiastic! But man, it was so good. When Loren was praying over us, my heart was pumping so fast and my whole body was just shaking and vibrating with so much life inside. I really thought I was going to pass out.

Loren was talking about how it was so possible to see the fulfillment of the Great Commission during my generation's lifetime if everyone played their part. Can you imagine how crazy that would be? Just the thought of it stirred up something in my heart and I was weeping at the thought of our Father finally having all His children home and every tribe and nation having had the chance to hear about Him.

I don't know the specifics of the plan God has for my life, but I know this: That no matter where He calls me, I will go. He will lead, and I will follow, and I want my life to be poured out for the glory of His name. No matter what the cost, I know that His grace will be sufficient.

Oh Lord, ever since I chose once and for all who I would serve last year, You ignited the spark that was in me and everyday the fire burns hotter. Give me Your grace, that I would never lose this fire but that I would walk with You everyday of my life. Burn me of everything that is not of You, refine me and purify me and make me like You. Consume me, Lord, that there would be nothing left in me but passion, desire and love for You. Restrain me in Your love and keep me on Your straight and narrow path.

I press on towards the prize, and I want to live for the applause of heaven and not of earth. Help me, Lord, because I am nothing without You. Give me the nations and give me the world because Your heart is for man. I want what You want, Lord, so give me Your heart and mind, that I would feel and think Your emotions and thoughts. I want less of me and more of You! Give me Your broken heart for the lost and needy and fill me with Your divine love that it would overflow and touch those who need it. I am Yours, Lord, and Yours alone.

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Hey Dear Tiffany, Is so so beautiful what you wrote.. as I'm reading it, I feel really stir by what you wrote... I pray that God will grant you this deep desire of yours.

7/25/2008 8:52 PM

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