Nepal Adventure Week 1  

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We're 4 days into our trip and I'm still loving Nepal. What's not to love? Good food, good accomodation and good company. :D I've definitely gotten to know my team better since we got kinda have to, when the transport system here forces 22 people into a tiny mini-van. There's something bonding about sharing the same sweat as someone for a couple of hours...wait, excuse me while I go puke. I can't believe I just said that. That being said though, I'm pretty surprised at the fact that we don't smell as bad as I thought we would.

We went to a children's orphanage yesterday and when we got there, we were spontaneously told that we had to 'entertain' them for about an hour. So Niklos started story-telling while we acted, Jared entertained them with magic tricks, and the rest of us tried to make balloon animals (which didn't work because they kept bursting. I think I scared the kids when my balloon popped and I screamed).

There was this little girl who kept coming up to me and hugging me, and man, I just wanted to pick her up and bring her home :( I think it was Leah who said when we left that she's going to adopt 1000 Nepali babies. And Jared wanted to import Nepali kids to the orphanage that he's gonna set up. And Hailey's going to adopt them from him. Me? I ran down the road squealing, 'I want babies!!!'.

Today we went for a prayer walk around this area called Bouddhanath, and then visited this big temple there. It was so heart-breaking seeing all the Buddhist devotees bowing down, prostrating themselves over and over again for hours without stopping. These people give up everything and sacrifice so much to earn 'salvation' and they believe they're on their way to attaining it. But, after they die, they'll find out that everything they lived for was nothing but lies. My heart hurt so much at that realisation. It really made me understand so much more how even if we're not called to be on the mission field in some 3rd world country, we are obligated as Christians to spread the Good News wherever we go and whoever happens to be in our area of influence.

As Christians, we can't turn a blind eye to the lost anymore. We can't be indifferent, we really understand the reality that these people will spend an eternity burning in hell if we don't step up and lay down our pride to love them and share with them the gospel??? It really challenges me so much. I don't want to stand in front of Jesus on Judgement Day and tell Him that I did absolutely zilch for His kingdom but spent my life and the blessings He gave me all on myself.

Anyway, I gotta walk back for dinner soon, but if anyone is reading this and has time, please pray for me and the team. Pray especially for protection and for our health. Thanks! :D

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