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Today we went to a Nepali church service where Seth shared his testimony and Niklos preached a message on the Father Heart of God. Before Niklos went up to preach, I got this sense from God that He was going to do something big during this service and I had a vision of the Holy Spirit being poured out on the church and people crying and being healed, so I wrote a note to Niklos telling him this. I nearly didn't send the note, just in case nothing happened and I was wrong, but in the end, God won and I sent the note, hoping that I heard correctly.

Anyway, Niklos preached an awesome message and the people were just drinking it in. At the end of the message, he had our team come to the front to pray for the people, and that's when things started happening! The Holy Spirit moved so powerfully and so many people were touched. I wish I could tell you the experiences of my other teammates, but we haven't really talked about it yet, so you'll just have to hear my side of the story.

Well, I went up to this girl and laid hands on her and the minute I started praying for her, tears just started pouring down her cheeks and she started praising Jesus. It was so incredible! This heat started rushing through my body and my hands started shaking, and I just kept praying over her in tongues and she was sobbing and thanking God over and over.

Then God told me to move on to this older lady and pray for her, and again, the second I laid hands on her, she started crying. It was crazy, her tears kept flowing and flowing, and before I knew it, she was in my arms and wailing. Like serious heart-wrenching wailing to the point where I was a little scared. But yeah, later on, she got her daughter (the first girl I prayed for! They weren't even standing together but somehow God directed me!!!) to tell me that she had this vision of a pig lying in mud and dirt and that when I prayed for her, she saw that pig rise up out of the mud. She praised God for the healing that He was doing in her, and they asked me to pray for them because her husband (the girl's father) wasn't saved.

I think there was two more people that I prayed for, and the same thing happened each time - the Holy Spirit came and they all cried as He started healing them. It was so powerful and I was so moved by God's heart for these people, and I loved how when He brought healing, all of them moved from tears into praising Him for who He is and what He's done.

It was so exhilarating. This is what I want to do all my life!!! It was my first 'real' ministry experience and what I tasted and saw, I want to be a part of always!!! God wants to bring healing and new life to His people, and I want to be His hands and feet. Something in me was so stirred up as we all ministered to the people...it was kinda like deep down inside me, something just knew that this was what I've been created for.

I want more. I want to see thousands, millions, the whole world come to Christ and receive the healing and life that they so desperately need. I want to be part of God's plan to usher in His kingdom, and I want to partner with Him! I want my life to count. I want to remain nameless and faceless while His name is glorified through my life, and I want people not to remember me, but the love that Jesus and I share.

May He be lifted up in my life and yours, and His name praised and glorified, forever and ever. Amen!

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