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I was going through my bookshelf today when I found a book I bought a long time ago before I became a Christian. That book was 'Conversations With God' by Neale Donald Walsch, and I remember that at the time, I had read it and found a lot of 'truth' and 'relevation' in the text. However, when I read it again today, more than 3 years after I had first read it, I was appalled at the lies in it.

Granted, there were a lot of logical and philosophical arguments in the book, and they were all 'politically correct' but many portions contradicted the Word of God. Thank God that I know His Word so much better these days, or I would have been misled by this book. It was saying stuff about how reincarnation was true, and that the author had lived some 600+ past lives. It talked about how we are all born Gods and Goddess and are born pure and holy. In relationships, we should worry less about the 'others' and concentrate on 'Self'; what 'Self' wants, what 'Self' needs, etc. It was very deceptive stuff, and made even more so by the use of Bible verses but out of context. The 'god' in this book also claims that there was no Original Sin or even a hell. If you don't know the Word properly, the insidious claims in this book would definitely throw you off.

As I read the book, I felt myself getting more and more angry (I NEVER get angry) especially when I was reading the part about Neale and 'god' discussing alcohol. The conversation was basically 'god' telling Neale that alcohol was bad, and Neale asking how alcohol could be bad when Jesus turned water in wine. The 'god's' response was 'And who said Jesus was perfect?' Oh, that just got my goat. Especially when I read later on about Jesus, Buddha and Krishna being placed on the same level. My anger turned into rage at the thought of the many people who've been deceived by these lies (and there must be many because this book was on the The New York Times bestseller for years) and turned away from the True and Living God.

Before I even knew what I was doing, I stormed out the house and slammed opened the gate, ripped the book into shreds and threw the book into the garbage bin. My parents were shocked. I had no idea they were watching me, but they said later on that they could feel my rage in the air around me. It makes me so angry when the enemy tries to distort and deceive, especially when he takes God's very Word and twists it in order to misled people. The devil comes to 'steal, kill and destroy' and can you imagine just how many souls are at stake if they truly believe that there is no hell, no need for God but just a need for Self because we are equal with God (yes, the book actually said we are equal with God), that Jesus was no one special and that we should shouldn't be afraid of death but embrace it because our bodies are eternal?

Yes, the philosophies in the book are very nice and pleasing to hear, especially because it allows you to avoid looking at the nature of sin in yourself, but because it contradicts the Bible, the 'god' in this book is not God, but a deceiver. And we all know who that is, right?

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