The best compliment I've ever gotten from a stranger  

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I was walking to work yesterday the same way i always have for the last 4 weeks. With my iPod playing worship music and my mind on all the wonderful things God has been doing in my life and in the people around me. I remember writing a while ago about how the joy of the Lord was so strong and overwhelming that i found myself laughing and smiling heaps on the train and in public.

Anyways, I have to walk past this video store everyday to get to work, and the shopkeeper is always saying good morning. Normally I just smile and walk past, but yesterday, I was in such a good mood, I gave him a huge grin and chirped "GOOD MORNING!" Haha, he stopped me and he said to me, "I see you everyday and you always look soooo happy! I really like that."

I felt so blessed by that. I've never had a comment like that from a stranger who only sees me for about 5 seconds everyday. I'm so thankful that God has changed my life so much that it's His joy that people see when they look at me. I remember how I used to walk around scowling at people, with this huge cloud hanging over me. Praise God that I don't have to force myself to be joyful or act a certain way...just loving Him naturally changes things. Even on days when I feel like crap or I'm so upset about something, I know that I can always turn to Him and He is the one that will make things right, and if the circumstances around me can't be changed, then He will change me internally to enable me to deal with it and accept it.

Life is good!

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