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I went to the Young Adult service tonight at the church near my house and it was pretty awesome. The majority of the people are younger than me, but there were a few guys and girls around my age, so that was nice. The praise and worship time was so powerful...the presence of the Lord was so strong, and one of the guys even said that He could see this golden mist surrounding the whole room! I was so close to tears at the beginning though, because the first song we sang was one that we sang a lot at the Vine, and in my head, I could hear the Vine band and see everyone that I love at the Vine standing next to me. It made me miss everyone so much, but I thank God that He is so faithful to connect me to the right people here. The message was pretty long (2 hours!!!) but it was so relevant and it really spoke to my heart, and it was kinda cool that the youth pastor was actually in my cell group yesterday (I got put into the an older cell group because I'm working and not studying). Everyone was so friendly...in fact, one of the people that I met last week at the Sunday service actually wrote about me in his blog because he was writing about all these new people that he had met! It's soooooooooo hard to remember names though.

We went out to eat after the service and I learnt how to crack eggs (long story...) What I really loved about these people was how joyful they were...they didn't take themselves too seriously, and they were fun, but at the same time, you could see their passion for God too. I was saying earlier this week that I was getting fat because my work colleagues keep buying and giving me food, and I think I'm gonna have a problem at church too. I haven't paid for food in so long. Last night, some guy paid for my noodles and drink, my relatives bought me lunch today, and some other guy paid for my food tonight. It's so crazy...since I've arrived here, I've put on 8 pounds :S The worse part is, when someone else pays for you food, you feel bad about leaving it behind, so I end up forcing myself to finish all of it.

I can't wait to see everyone at church again tomorrow morning! This guy I met tonight is going to introduce me to a woman tomorrow who's a dance teacher because I mentioned that I was looking for a dance school. I miss dancing so much.

*sigh* Even though I'm just getting to know these people, I have this sneaking suspicion that by the time it comes for me to leave Singapore in January, it's gonna hurt so bad again. But, I'm not going to let that stop me from investing in people's lives, in friendships and in Singapore. When I was in HK for the last year and a half, I really gave a lot of myself and invested in creating a life there, and even though it hurts so much now to leave it behind, it was also the most meaningful and amazing year of my life. We're supposed to be involved in life and to be connected, not a wallflower or observer but an active participant in life!

I'm so excited to see where God leads me next!

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