God is so FAITHFUL!  

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Ever since I set foot in Singapore, God has proven Himself to be more than enough. I arrived here on Wednesday night last week, and it hasn't even been a week yet, but already He has lined up everything that I need to settle in here, and I know that He will continue to provide and bless me just because I am His dearly loved child! How awesome is that?

In the space of 5 days, He has provided me with a job, friends and church! I am in awe of His power. My aunt is planning to set up a child-care centre from scratch, and I will be working for her and helping her with all the promo, admin and recruiting work. Until all the official government approval stuff is worked out though, I will be researching and doing adminstrative work for her at the office starting on Sept 10. Exciting stuff! What a great opportunity.

Anyway, I had been praying a lot for God to lead me to the right church and to give me the friends that I need in order to feel settled in. My pastor and several friends in Hong Kong were praying for me too, so on Saturday night when I went for the evening service at Hope Church, my nervousness went away because I knew that God had my back. I went up to the usher and introduced myself, and she introduced me to her leader, who's this really awesome girl named Xingni. She really looked after me and I ended up having dinner and dessert plans with her and a whole bunch of other girls after the service.

What was even more awesome was that she arranged for me to meet with one of her friends the next day because I mentioned that I was going to go to the Sunday service too and she wasn't going to be there. So, in the end, God provided me with yet another opportunity to meet new people when that friend of hers asked me to meet up for breakfast before the service. I had lunch with her and the people in her small group after the service, and before I knew it, I had joined their small group AND had plans for the following Friday and Saturday night. Isn't God so faithful to provide for us everything that we need and ask for?

He even gave me the privilege of sharing part of my testimony with the group, and hearing their testimonies. I love how there are so many people at the church that I haven't met yet, but we are all connected already because we are all one in Christ! God knows how important it is to me to have brothers and sisters to share life with, and He is drawing really cool people into my life. Lord, You are so good!

I can't wait to come back on here later on this week and continue to testify about how wonderful God is to me.

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