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Yesterday, I had a picnic with this girl that I met last week at church. I'd only met her once before, but God really blessed the time we spent together, and opened our hearts to each other and enabled us to connect on a much deeper level. We sat on the grass eating our sandwiches and cup noodles and started chatting about life, and before we knew it, we had talked for 4 and half hours! It was unreal. It's only with another sister in Christ that I could just feel so comfortable and share my struggles and my past. It was wonderful just listening to how God has blessed her and moved in her life, and it was such a blessing to be able to testify about God's power to her because it reminded me of how good He has been to me.

The best part of the day though, was when I was telling her about my past and my struggles with alcohol and just how bad I was before, and she said, ''s not that I don't believe you, it's just that God has changed you so much that I just can't connect who you are now with who you say you were.' Isn't that such a testimony of God's grace? A new person who never knew me before only sees who I am in Jesus now because He has transformed me so much!

He is the God of second chances. The God of new beginnings. He is a God of mercy and kindness, and He has poured out His blessings on my life, and He wants to do the same for you. Even if you have never sunk as low as I have, He wants to give you a life where everyday is an adventure with Him. He wants to give you an unshakeable peace that does not depend on your outside circumstances.

He has already paid the price, and His hands are stretched out to you with the gift of salvation. The question is, will you receive Him and allow Him to show you just how amazing life is when you're walking with Him? Trust me, it will blow your mind because the life He wants to give you is more wonderful than you could EVER imagine.

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We truly are new creations when we are born again in Christ! How wonderful to be reminded of this. She sounds like a girl who is going to become very important to you.

3/23/2007 5:00 PM

Amen to that... That is such a great story. It is amazing how much he transforms us isn't it? I have had some of the same convos with my best friend that didn't know me back before I was saved and it just doesn't even sound possible that I was that person.

Thanks for sharing your story.

It was an awesoem reminder of God's wonderful Grace and Mercy!

4/06/2007 1:04 AM

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