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Check out this awesome blog: Critique My Blog. You submit your blog url and a real life person reads your blog and critiques it. How cool...I submitted it last night, and by this morning, I had already received my critique!

"Lily's story of jumping over barriers and overcoming her alcohol addiction is an inspiring one. For those of you who may have or have been affected my alcoholism you can attest to the intense grip it has over you, even if you want to stop. Her blog chronicles this story along with other sprinklings of ideas and thoughts along the way. As for the blog itself I thought the layout, while cool looking, was a little narrow making the blog seem long in length. I didn't notice any kind of a site meter to see who is visiting your blog which you may want to add just to satisfy your own curiosity...other than that I think the blog is wonderful and just keep taking things one day at a time."

Thanks, Mr. CMB! I will definitely keep in mind the layout next time I change it.

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Found you through CMB! Hello from Venezuela. Enjoyed reading about your ups and downs. We all have them and being a Christian I especialy enjoyed your testimony.

3/23/2007 7:51 AM

WOW Lily, this is awesome!! And I love your new look, very pretty. I think I may get my blogged crit done too - later perhaps. Oh and good for you putting on Comment Moderation, especially after that very long winded, negative, unhelpful, anonymous comment you got a while back. You go girl!!

3/23/2007 5:05 PM

Greetings! I just happened upon your blog by looking at a search of Song of Songs 2:2 that sent someone to my blog (Lily Maiden). I just got here and have glanced at some of your recent posts... it looks like you have a beautiful ongoing testimony of Christ's work in and through you.

I feel compelled, though, to respectfully mention that the header of your blog sends a very different message than your writing does. You seem to be a young woman of God, who belongs to Him and knows you are his beautiful daughter, but the message of the header photos strongly contradicts this. Honestly, I thought the link was somehow off when the page loaded (I didn't think this could be a blog based on Songs of Songs 2:2 by seeing the header). I'm not sure if the photos in your header are of you or another young lady... but I would suggest you consider and pray about the message it sends.

As a Sister in Christ, and one who has discovered the freedom and joy and power that can be found in sweet purity guarded by modesty and authentic femininity, I invite and encourage you to do the same. We girls have been greatly blessed by our God with the gift of our femininity... and it is a gift to be cherished and veiled, not flaunted or discarded. Clothing and posture, both in person and in photography, send a loud and clear message to the world of the respect we have for ourselves. As women of God called to bring and be true beauty to the world, we must embody dignity and grace in our dress and deportment.

If I may humbly offer a few links for your browsing and consideration...

The Rosa Mystica Modesty Movement

The Rebelution's Modesty Survey (awesome):

Your Friend, and a fellow maiden seeking to become a lily in His Sight,
Claire (Lily Maiden)

9/13/2007 2:33 AM

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