Thursday Thirteen #11  

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The Valentine's Day Edition
1. My first peck on the lips from a guy was when I was 10 during school camp in Thailand. We were on the back of a truck, and someone dared the guy I liked to kiss me, and everyone including the teacher started singing, "I Swear" to convince us that they wouldn't tell anyone. was so cute.

2. The sweetest present I've ever received was a framed photo of my boyfriend on the beach next to a huge heart with my name inside it drawn on the sand.

3. I've never dated anyone shorter than 6 foot...which is strange because I'm only 5 foot tall.

4. My tallest boyfriend was 7 foot. He was a German, semi-pro basketball player and we got a lot of weird stares from people when we walked together.

5. My first slow dance with a guy was in Year 7 and neither of us knew what to do, so we swayed from side to side in a circle, but we did it so fast that both of us were so dizzy by the end.

6. The first time a guy that I liked came over to my house to hang out, I got upset because he spent the whole time playing video games with my little brother.

7. I learnt that no matter how much you love a person, at the end of the day, they'll make their own decisions when I lost the first guy I ever loved to drugs. I wanted to take away his pain and make everything okay for him, but I had to learn the hard way that I couldn't do that. Now I know that the only person that can do that is God.

8. I've been in 3 long-distance relationships. Australia, Canada and Germany, while I was in Hong Kong. Needless to say, it didn't work out...

9. The most romantic thing I've ever done was on my 1 year anniversary with my ex. I left a trail of Hershey's kisses from my front door, down two flights of stairs, to my bedroom where I was waiting with his present, which was a long list of reasons why I loved him. *sigh* I should've guarded my heart better.

10. I once broke up with a guy and was so nervous that I said, 'It's not me, it's you' instead of 'It's not you, it's me'. He wasn't too impressed.

11. I found out when I was 18 that the man that I'd been waiting and longing for my whole life was actually right here all along.

12. His name is Jesus Christ and He loves me with an everlasting love. He has protected me my whole life, and He has fought for me. He died for me so that I might be with Him forever, and He cherishes me and makes me feel so special and so loved. Everything that my heart desired all these years can be found in Him.

13. Valentine's Day this year will be so special because I am finally walking with Him in an intimate relationship. I want to learn to love Him with all my heart, not just this year, but every year of my life and for eternity. I know that He will satisfy all the deepest longings of my heart and that He will never ever leave me or forsake me.

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Hello, Leanne sent me! 7 feet tall is pretty big but I'll bet Jesus casts a much taller shadow, eh? Happy TT, mine's up!

2/09/2007 12:16 AM

Lily, that's a very heartfelt, honest list. Thanks for sharing your experiences with us. I'm sure that many of us can relate, especially to the part about guarding our hearts better "next time."

2/09/2007 12:20 AM

i really like your thursday thirteen. its really neat and original. i've yet to read one as honest as this one.

2/09/2007 12:24 AM

Terrific Thursday Thirteen!
My TT is posted.
Have a wonderful day!
Happy TT'ing!
(")_ (")Š

2/09/2007 12:36 AM

What a great list, 12 and 13 are fabulousd. His love is truly the greatest and most exciting of all.

2/09/2007 12:41 AM

#2 was a good one! I'd love that to happen to me. Great list.

2/09/2007 12:48 AM

Wow--I certainly didn't expect your list to end as it did, but I'm so glad it did! What a wonderful, insightful and honest post! You rarely come across anything as well written and open as this. I so enjoyed it! Can't wait to read the rest of your blog.

Happy TT--Jessica

2/09/2007 12:49 AM

Very touching, very honest, very brave in this world. And that is sad to say.

Happy TT ~ Becky

2/09/2007 1:55 AM


looks like we got the same date on valentines day this year ;)


2/09/2007 6:36 AM

A wonderful, thirteen part Valentines tale. I love the ending too.

2/09/2007 6:45 AM

Hello Lily,

We work for Eric and Leslie Ludy in Authentic Girl Ministries and the Lord led us to your blog site today. As we read portions of your blog, we were gripped with the Lord's great love for you and wanted to know if we could email you rather than post on your comment board.

You can reach us at or see more of what we are involved with at The Lord has great desires for how He longs to bless you and use your life for His glory.

You are loved and are being prayed for, Lily.


Kendra, Ashley, Annie, & Brianne

2/09/2007 6:52 AM

Wow, your list is great. I've never dated anyone under 6ft either, and I'm 5ft myself. I married a 6ft tall man with a huge frame. I'm very, very petite. We're a funny little match. :o)

Your #12 really touched me. I need to re-learn how to fill my unfulfilled desires in Him. That's such a hard lesson to learn.

2/09/2007 1:41 PM

Very inspiring list.
I am glad you found what you needed in your life!
Happy late TT.

2/10/2007 2:16 PM

#13 is inspiring. Thanks for reminding me that He is my greatest lover and Valentine. I love your TT.. it is so meaningful.
Mine is up at:

2/10/2007 6:34 PM

Well done Lily!! You really have come such a long way. You are growing - and realising that jesus is the best valentine you could ever have is so special. God bless you Sweet Lily for your honesty.

2/12/2007 2:37 PM

Don't we all look for the greatest gift in all the wrong faces, before we find that special one right before our eyes.

Obey God and leave all the consequences to him.

It works everytime.

Nice Valentine's story.

2/18/2007 5:13 AM

Did you know that this Thursday the 22nd is the last Thirteen???

2/23/2007 6:05 AM

Hi Lily. I ahve not forgotten you!! I left a comment here end of last week, but it looks as if blogger took it.

I said that you must never forget that we serve the ONE and ONLY LIVING GOD. He has redeemed you and forgiven you for your sins, you will not be punished for them because you are living under the blood of Jesus. He loves you so much more than you can ever know. And no matter what ANYBODY says, there is NOTHING that can separate you from His love. He knows everything about you and He still loves you. Our hearts and minds are wicked because we are human and born into sin - but He has paid the price and set us free. Don't allow anyone to place doubt in your heart. The love you feel when you come before Him and when He saved you is REAL Lily, I have experienced it too.

You are precious and beautiful in His sight - and to me. Be lifted up before Him now and seek once again His love and peace which passes all understanding.

Love you!

3/12/2007 10:09 PM

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