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I just received an offer letter from University of New South Wales in Australia...and I'm so confused.  I know that I had made up my mind earlier to carry on my studies in Singapore, but now I'm suddenly not so sure.

With the progress I'm making in my recovery, it's so easy to picture myself being fine going back to Australia, but how realistic that is, I have no idea.  My plans of studying in Singapore seem to be falling through, with one of the polytechnics sending me a letter suggesting that with my qualifications, I'd be better off doing something else.

What do I want?  Do I really want to go back to Singapore and be with family, or am I on some level deep down just afraid of going back and being on my own? 

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goood job with praying! good good good..i am proud of you :) keep working on it. practising, and pray for boldness, and you will become more and more fearless.

UNSW is a great university, but somehow i still feel a bit dodgy about the idea of you going back to australia alone. not that i dont think u cant handle it, its just that...i feel like one BIG contribution to ur healing is bcuz of ur mom's discipline. without it there, and having to meet all the new people, u mite feel alone (like i did), and it is incredibly easy to relapse when the culture around you is so heavily dependent on drinking. can u not apply for a diff uni in sigapore? Hope all works well. Love you, wifey xx

10/04/2006 1:33 AM

Good luck with your decision. Hopefully you'll receive an acceptance offer from one of the universities in Singapore, so you will have that option, if that's what you want to do.

Maybe make a list of pros and cons for each place?

Good luck.

10/07/2006 6:31 PM

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