Imparting the Father Heart School 2009  

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Week One

We've officially finished the first week of the Imparting the Father Heart School 2009. I can't really be bothered to type up an update so I'm going to copy and paste the group update that I sent out to all my friends in Hong Kong.

I just finished week 1 of the Imparting the Father's Heart School here in Penang and it has been so awesome! God has been teaching me so much and showing me what it means to be a daughter in my Father's house. I was really touched this week because James Jordan was sharing about how the Father Heart of God is not just a 'tool' for inner healing or for broken people, but it's all about a way of life...learning to live and dwell in the center of His love. He talked about how God wanted to take us beyond knowing that He loves us to experiencing Him loving us everyday. We were created by Him to be loved, and there was one time this week when we were soaking and I saw Jesus and the Father gazing at me with such intense love in their eyes that I couldn't stop weeping because I just knew that for the rest of my life and all of eternity, I will be forever caught up in this divine love! I was so blown away by knowing in my heart that He will keep lavishing His love upon me forever because it delights Him too! I felt so whole and complete, like I belonged and was HOME. I heard Him say, "I came to give you a home in Me. You'll never be alone again."

During one of the sessions, I suddenly felt this urge to use the toilet so I got up and left the room, and the second I stepped out of the door, the most beautiful sunset hit me right in the face. It was so amazing...beautiful red and golden skies reflected over the ocean and I just gasped out loud and whispered, "Oh FATHER!" I couldn't stop gazing at it, and when I came out the bathroom a few moments later, the whole scene was gone. I just knew that God had just led me out of the room just at the right moment so that I could see that sunset!

I heard Him whispering to me later on, "I have such good plans for you, Tiff, such good plans!" He sounded so excited and then I heard Him say, "You don't have to do anything for Me. Just let Me love you. Will you let Me love you? I enjoy loving you so much." Then God showed me all these "video clips" of different moments in my life where I thought that I was alone, and suddenly I saw that He had been with me all the time. I had never been alone, and He had always been beside me loving me and doing good to me, all the days of my life! How awesome is that?

Anyways, there's so much more to share but I guess that's all I'll share for's so cool because I know that everything that the Lord is showing me is not just for me but it is what He wants to give everyone too! I'm so thrilled that He loves us all as if we're His favourite kids. We start the 2nd week of the school on Tuesday so I'm sure I'll share more later!

I'm putting a link here to a video clip that my friend took of me sharing how the Father had impacted me during the week. I'm sharing about a little vision that God showed me about what it means to be His daughter and to have His Spirit living inside of me :) It's here:

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