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I am absolutely loving my time at the House of Prayer.

I was originally supposed to stay in Penang to serve at a drop-in center for homeless people with YWAM, but because I was so homesick, I ended up going home to Singapore. I was quite bummed at first when I made that decision, because I really wanted to give this summer to the Lord and serve Him. I'd been praying about this summer since last year, so I was sad that I was going to 'miss out' on what the Lord had for me.

But when I made the decision to come home, I really felt like this was the right decision, and I had a lot of peace about it. The Lord even spoke to me and said that He had something for me in Singapore. However, at the time, I was a little doubtful because I thought that was my own flesh talking to try and comfort me at 'bailing out'. But here I am in Singapore having a BLAST being in His house and spending my summer worshipping and crying out to Him!

He really knows me so well...He was speaking to me on Saturday that He really saw my heart and how much I wanted to give myself to Him this summer, and He knew that I would've served at that drop-in center if He had told me to. But, He told me that He knows how I am made, and He knows the deepest desires of my heart, so He wanted to place me in an environment where I am released in all my dreams and giftings! How awesome is that?!?!

Honestly, there is nothing I love better than being in His house of prayer. If they were 24/7, I don't think I would ever go home apart from to shower and get a change of clothing! He knows me better than I know myself! I would've really enjoyed serving at the drop-in center, but seriously, there is nothing that makes my heart sing like being in His house of prayer!!!!!! I didn't even know this place existed until after I had made my decision to go home!

He planned every step of the way and took even my homesickness into account :) I am so happy! He is such a good and joyful God!

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