Audience of One  

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Yesterday at the House of Prayer, Jesus was speaking to me on what it means to live my life before Him, before my Audience of One.

He said to me, "All day long, I wait upon you, My beloved. I wait for the glance of your eyes to look My way, and when you do, My heart is moved and overwhelmed. I would wait a thousand years for you, My love, and I would not move from your side because that is how much I love you and long for you. You delight My heart and I am filled with joy when I look upon you."

I was so broken before Him because when I heard His tenderness and love, I knew that every word that He spoke was true. That He follows me everywhere I go, waiting for me to acknowledge Him, and most of the time I am too 'busy' and distracted by everything else. I was so sad to know that even though I am so important to Him, I don't treat Him like the King that He is.

But He said, "Beloved, I am patient. I am kind. I do not force but I draw you deeper by the power of My love and not by your strength. I am watching you and I am captivated by your beauty." With those words, He revived me again in the hope that one day, one day, I will be everything that He died for me to be. That it won't just be a concept but actual reality. Oh, how I long for the day when I am in the deepest communion with Him and there is no more separation...that whether I am washing the dishes or eating my dinner, I would know experientially that He is there with me, loving me in every moment.

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