He is the Captain of the Hosts  

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Tonight I was at the "Book of Joel" conference, and it was pretty cool because God showed me a new side to Himself while we were worshipping.

As we lost ourselves in worship, I heard Jesus' voice saying, "I am the Captain of the Hosts," and as I looked, I saw myself standing on the edge of a cliff, quite high up but there was still a way to keep going up. As I gazed into the distance, I saw the enemy forming ranks far away at the horizon and they were beginning to march towards me. I remember thinking, "Oh Jesus, You better come soon because they're getting closer..."

Then, the worship leader started singing these words, "I pledge allegiance to Jesus, to Jesus. I pledge allegiance to the Lamb." I suddenly saw myself standing before Jesus and I was part of His army. He had the form of a man but He was like blazing fire and I had never seen Him like that before. He was terrifying and fearsome...definitely not a meek lamb, or the vulnerable lovesick God that He's been revealing Himself to me as lately. He was so strong, terrifying in His glory, and as I stood befoore Him, I couldn't stop crying because I saw myself, a tiny little girl dressed in full armour with a shiny, big sword in my hand and I knew that I whether I live or die, I would fight with everything I am for His cause.

My heart was so captured by something greater and bigger than myself, and I knew that I stand as a lovesick warrior for His kingdom. I knew that I would do anything to be part of this grand plan of His, and for the first time in my life, I felt myself being swept up into the climax of the grandest adventure this world has ever known. I knew that I would endure all things, and that everything would fade away as I held fast to the visions He has hidden in my heart.

My heart was just crying out that battle cry (yeah, yeah, I know this isn't very flowerly and girly, but it was so cooooool! I think that even though girls are all 'soft' and stuff, there is something inside us that wants that adventure and to have something to live and die for) of allegiance to my King, and I just knew that I was willing to pay the price, pay the cost to fight for Him. No matter how hard it is, no matter how much suffering, I believe so strongly in Him and His love burns so deeply within my heart that I will give everything to fight in the frontlines for Him and with Him.

Oh...it was just so cool! I love Jesus so much when He was revealing Himself to me as Bridegroom, but I know that that isn't all of Him...there's so many more sides to Him that I haven't seen and I for one am so thrilled to see Him in all His different names. I was so blown away when I saw Him as the Captain of the Hosts tonight because I was like, "Wow...You are the One whose chest I lean my head upon...but look at YOU! You are so fearsome, so strong, so mighty and I never even realised it before!!!"

He is the strongest, most mightiest man who has ever walked across the face of this earth! And when the trumpet sounds, when He shouts, I will charge and run into the darkness, knowing that in Him, victory has already been given! I will not creep into the darkness, I will not walk, but I will run, willingly, with an abandoned heart, giving my all for my King!!!

I am so excited! He is raising up not just His family, but His army too! It takes wisdom to know what He is doing in each season, and I know that for me, He is showing me now what it means to be part of His army and what it means to fight. I think we all have these worldly concepts of what it means to fight, but really, my fight is to be on my knees, to die to myself, to LOVE in spite of abuse, insults and hurts!

Oh man...He never fails to fascinate me!!! I've never seen Him like this before and while I was terrified of how powerful He was, at the same time, I was soooooooooooooooo THRILLED!!! He is not just the meek Lamb, but the roaring Lion of Judah!

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