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The storm is passing and I'm starting to catch the first glimpse of the rainbow.

His promises never fails and His Word always stands. I was so lost and confused last week, but He was faithful, and He found me and brought me out of the pit that I had fallen in. Things are starting to have a sense of flow and His peace and joy are reigning in my heart once again. Praise the Lord!

Yesterday I went to this awesome soaking session, and God gave me this vision of myself spinning around Jesus, so fast, so frantic, so enthusiastic. Jesus kept trying to hold me in His arms so that we could fly to the places He wanted to go to, but I couldn't stay in His embrace and kept pulling away to spin around Him.

He said to me, "You're staying close to Me, but you're not going anywhere because you're not resting in My arms."

Then I saw a long, dusty road stretching out into the distance, and there I was on His back, clinging on like a koala. I said to Jesus, "Lord, I'm so heavy if you carry me we're going to go so slowly. Let me walk!" But He said, "Watch."

And as I watched, He started running faster and faster, and I could feel the wind on my face, in my hair, and I saw the scenery on either side of the path flying past.

He said, "It's time for you to start running with horses and not with men. You have run well with men, but things are going to get tougher and you will not be able to run with horses unless I carry you. You need to learn to rest in My embrace and let Me do the heavy-lifting. You must remember to let the power of My Holy Spirit empower you to do everything I've asked you to do."

I'm still not quite sure what my vision means...the Lord is still slowly revealing it to me and today He showed me that the first part of my vision is the way I treat my quiet times with Him. I'm there with Him, spending time with Him, hours in fact, but He does not have my undivided attention. I am distracted, washing dishes, listening to the TV as I try and hear and read His Word...multi-tasking to the max.

Just as I quickly tire of spending time with people who aren't fully present, so He too gets tired of all my flitting about. He wants me to get back into the stillness, the quiet, and focus all my heart, soul, mind and strength upon Him because He loves me so much.

Tonight I put aside all the distractions and gave Him my undivided attention, and wow, it was so powerful. Who knew??? (Don't answer that!)

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Thank you

8/15/2008 11:52 PM

thank YOU and thank our awesome creator who uses earthen vessels!!!

9/28/2008 4:46 AM

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