The joy of the Lord is my strength  

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I remember writing in this post on the 31st of July this year that "nothing has gone the way it's supposed to" and that at the time, I had just experienced "the biggest blow so far". Oh, if I only knew what else was coming up ahead!

Things actually got worse, and I found out that people I deeply cared about and loved actually had been lying to me and betraying me. I remember the day I found out, I was so in shock I was shaking and I couldn't even barely breathe for about 5 minutes. But you know what the crazy thing is?

I have never felt better! Through all these storms (the metaphorical ones AND the physical ones!) God has just shown me so much of His heart for me, and refined not just my character but my love for Him and His people. It is so true that His grace is sufficient. The circumstances that I thought I could never bear and would break under has happened and instead of feeling crushed and broken, I had felt His hands lift me up to soar in the skies with Him.

These last few weeks have been one trial after another, each happening in steady succession, but out of His grace, He has drawn me so near to Him that I cannot feel anything apart from His joy, peace, love and strength. I can see how even though things seem to be going wrong, it's not with physical eyes I must see and walk, but with the eyes of my heart because what is unseen is a truer reality than what can be seen.

I mean, it still hurts so much, but I can really feel His blanket of comforting love wrapped around me and His love melting into my heart to bring healing. He gives me the strength to be able to say, "No matter what else happens, I will not let it stop me from praying for Your people, I will not let it stop me from loving and doing good, and I will not let it stop me from praising Your name!!!"

Amen!!! The joy of the Lord is my strength!!! He is more than able to give us the help to be able to respond in the right way in EVERY situation.

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I am so surprised and happy to see a comment from you on my blog this morning! :) Just got done reading your latest post; I am praising God right along with you for His sovereignty and work in your life!! "And He works *all* things for good for those who love Him and are called for His purposes" :):) :) So Exciting! What a great testimony!! Thanks for sharing it!!! <3 Stacey

8/24/2008 8:24 PM

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