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We learnt THE coolest thing today. Jimmy's been teaching us on how to hear the voice of God, and he had us split into groups of 4 today where we were supposed to ask God for a word of encouragement for each person and then give it to them. Freaky stuff! I thought he was joking when he instructed us, but he WASN'T!

Today was a rough day...God brought up to the surface my deep rooted fears of abandonment and I spent my hour of quiet time bawling like a baby because I was so scared that one day, I would wake up and He would be gone. I feel like I've entered a fairy tale where Jesus is my Prince, and although I know that He'll never leave me nor forsake me, I guess deep down, so many people have walked away from me that I am absolutely terrified that He will do the same.

It's so hard because I really do know how weak and unworthy I am. I can't breathe, eat, wake up without Him, let alone try and navigate through life. Oh Lord, if you should ever leave me, I would surely die.

But thank God, for His perfect mercy, because during the encouragement time today, He spoke words of comfort into my heart through the people in my group (who didn't have any knowledge of what I was struggling with!!! So cool.)

Melanie saw God putting a new robe around me and wrapping His arms around me. He's been healing me and removing all the old things from my life, but now is a season where He's clothing me with my new nature. He wants to transform me so much that my past seems so far away and I won't be able to even remember some of the memories. He will remove the sting and emotions from all these memories and cause me to be able to see that He was always there. He was there even then but I wasn't able to receive His love, but now I can and He wants to take away all my fears, loneliness and feelings of abandonment.

Aafke saw God the Father smiling down on me and I'm skipping and dancing around everyone. There's a joy and sweetness around me and it comes from my Father's love. This joy spreads to everyone around me and my Father is so pleased wiht me.

Joy saw me in a courtyard in front of a great big house. The courtyard is so small but to me, it's so big and I'm so excited and happy with it. However, God is saying, 'Come into My house!' because He wants to give me more and more than what I already have.

Jimmy saw me with a new shiny crown on my heart and it says, 'I belong'. God will never leave me, and I don't have to fear anymore. The verse God gave him for me was, "I am my lover's and my lover is mine." (Song of Solomon 6:3)

Isn't our God just so magnificent? He comforts me in all my sorrows.

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