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Listening to the Christmas CD that I just bought, I can almost imagine that there is snow just outside my window, children skating on the pond, and red-nosed adults warming themselves at the fireplace. I don't even want to turn around and look at my window lest this almost real world in my head disappears.

There's something so magical about Christmas songs. No matter what my mood, Christmas songs always make my heart sing and my head bop. From when I was a kid, I always associated Christmas music with special moments. Christmas was always a time when the world was extra beautiful all around me, with twinkly lights turning the ordinary into an ethereal landscape and when I was always surrounded by laughter and warm hugs.

But, this year, Christmas means so much more to me than that. Christmas is still a time for family and friends, but above all, Christmas is about Jesus. This is my 4th Christmas as a Christian and not matter how beautiful and joyful all my last Christmases have been before I knew Christ, nothing can compare to the joy and beauty of knowing Him. I rejoice that once we lived in darkness and without hope, but the great light of the world came and saved us. Jesus is alive! We celebrate Christmas to honour Jesus, because many years ago, our Saviour was born!!! He lived His life to die for us, that we might have life, and now He is alive in the hearts of all those who love Him.

Let us remember Jesus in this busy season. Through all the parties and gatherings and the last-minute shopping for presents, let us remember that Jesus is the reason for Christmas. He is our hope and the one who loves us the most. Set aside time in between all those social events to praise Him and thank Him for everything that He's done for us. :)

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