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After an especially hot and tiring yoga class today, my mum and I headed for the cafe nearby for dinner. There was a German group sitting near us, chatting away loudly, and my mum and I kept glancing at each other, silently signalling with our eyes that we found them very annoying. An American guy walks in with his DOG (hello, hygiene???) and sits with them and the talking gets even noisier.

So there I am, happily munching on my lasagna and stealing bites from my mum's pizza, trying to tune out their voices, when suddenly I hear this (I think the whole cafe heard it) in English:

(With a German accent)"So they told me to try on the clothes, but I say NO, I cannot wear it because I have big titties."

Oh my gosh...I nearly died from laughing.

People should learn not to talk so that the whole area code can hear them.

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Yeah, people should learn to talk more quietly. That is funny, though.

10/17/2006 12:51 AM

Yeah, unfortunately for me, that person who talks loudly is often my own mom!

10/27/2006 1:35 PM

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