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Okay, I don't really know how many people read this, but I need help, so I'll carry on with this post. I have to submit a portfolio of my own 10 original artworks to this university that I'm applying to...but trouble is, I don't have a single piece yet. My deadline's in December.

Anyhow, I need help starting. So, please, my dear readers, tell me some interesting themes that I could work with. I've already thought of freedom and beginnings...but I need more! Help, help!!!

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When I was in college ( I have an art degree) there was this one class where the teacher would give us certain words ( the only one I can remember right now is ennui) and we would basically draw/create whatever came to mind for that particular word.

But anyways- herre are some more themes for you:
love, salvation, family, friendship, music, revelations, darkness, light...
Hope that helps!

9/05/2006 2:36 AM

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