Piano lessons  

Posted by Tiffany

My piano arrived yesterday!!! I've been wanting to take piano lessons for years, but it wasn't till last Sunday that my mum and I went out and found a place where I could rent a piano for the next 5 months before I go back to uni.

Yesterday afternoon, four guys arrived and carried this piano down four flights of stairs into my room. I'm so thrilled. I had my first lesson this morning and it was awesome. It was a bit funny at times too, because my teacher speaks Chinese, and I speak very, very, very little Chinese. We had to resort to sign language a couple of times!

I'm gonna be practising the piano for hours everyday! There's just something about music that just soothes the soul and heart. Especially at times when you're overwhelmed by emotions but can't express yourself verbally.

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9/06/2006 6:33 PM

That is a beautiful piano! I have taken lessons for 5 or 6 years. It is a wonderful instrument to know how to play.

9/07/2006 10:16 AM

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