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I'm so awfully, awfully late with this...but hey, better late than never, right?

Things I love eat

1. Sushi, especially the ones with ebi tempura (deep fried prawn that's been dipped in batter) and crabstick. But no raw fish for me!

2. Parma ham with sweet melon. My favourite Italian starter.

3. Lobster linguine with a light chilly tomato sauce. (I'm starting to drool now)

4. Clams (cooked Japanese style) in sake and butter.

5. Salad with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Actually, anything really with balsamic vinegar. I'm always slurping up the rest of the balsamic vinegar when there's some leftover on my plate.
6. Baked potato with lots of cheese and bacon bits. Mmmmm...

7. Bruschetta with garlic prawns (I had this in Australia a few times and fell in love with it).

8. Chicken noodle soup. Both the homemade and canned ones. I'm not picky when it comes to chicken noodle soup.

9. Mee goreng (literally translated from Malay as 'fried noodles'). In Singapore they have 'mee goreng' done Indian style with a bit of tomato sauce, and it's so unbelievably good.

10. Congee (it's a type of Chinese rice porridge) with chicken.

11. Oatmeal with mashed up banana.

12. Mango with sticky rice (this is a type of Thai dessert that I used to eat when I lived in Thailand).

13. Ben & Jerrys ice cream.

Update: I'm so bummed! I missed the comments deadline for my first Thursday Thirteen on this blog. I was too late. Boooooo.

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mmmm I love the California rolls... I love sushi but NOt the raw fish kind either...I love it rolled with avacado yummy. I love oatmeal too..never tried with bananan though, I think I will though.
I eat my salad with olive oil as the dressing. it keeps it from being dry and brings out the flavors of everything else to me :)

Great list..It made me hungry and I just ate

8/27/2006 10:42 AM

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