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I was feeling terribly, extremely, so incredibly mad a while ago, but as quickly as my rage was aroused, it was doused out. See, one of my bestest (I know that's not really a word, but it's the only way I could make it so clear how good a friend she is to me) friends (Abby) in the whole world is moving to Canada on Monday...and since I live in Hong Kong, it's kinda a huge deal. Anyways, it's her birthday tomorrow night and I was supposed to have dinner with her to celebrate and to say goodbye (notice I said 'supposed').

Well, my parents pretty much put their foot down. After the incident on Wednesday (which I won't go into detail, but let's just say it was really bad), they're just too afraid to let me out of the house. I don't blame them. Well, I did earlier when I was still seething over not being able to see my friend again, but now I'm slowly just drifting into acceptance.

It doesn't mean I'm happy with them, or that I'm very happy with myself at the moment, but now that I've had time to cool down, I know that as stupid as I think it is, they're only just trying to keep me safe. I honestly don't think I would drink tomorrow if I saw Abby, but then again, I always think that before I end up stumbling home the following day at noon completely drunk.

I'm just sad now. I'm going to miss her. The laughter, the giggles, the sleepovers where we would lie together and pray...I'll miss you, my dear, dear friend.

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