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The longer I live in this world, the more I am convinced that we really are all just little children who've been made for love. Pride puffs us up and we want to think we are so strong, so intelligent, so self-sufficient...that we don't need God or anyone and that we can do it all ourselves. But I look around me, and everywhere I look, I see signs that point to the truth that we have been created to be so little, so weak, so vulnerable, because we were created to be loved.

We were never meant to experience all the horrors and pains of this world. I was reading the papers today about war and I was so struck by how we like to think that we can separate our hearts from the rest of ourselves and 'get the job' done...but the reality is that men who go to war come back changed from the emotional and psychological toll that it takes on their hearts. I was reading about men who go to war but cry out for their mothers with their dying breath and men who come back from war and kill their wives and themselves, and I am even more convinced that we really are created to be loved.

Look around us...look at what happens when people are not loved. The abused becomes the abuser, the used becomes the user, and this self-perpetuating vicious cycle goes on and on. We don't want to admit that we really ARE that weak and helpless, and that there are so many things that happen that are beyond our control, and that we really do need God to depend on and take care of us.

It's funny...I started out this blog post thinking that it was our pride that kept us from admitting that we need God to help us, but as I started writing, I suddenly saw this vision of all these little kids running around scared. There was so much fear because they all thought that they were orphans and that they had to look after themselves and protect themselves. This fear made them all look out for "number one" and not care too much about who they step upon or trample on, because "in this life, if you don't take care of yourself, no one else will".

What lies we believe about God...that He's not good enough to really protect and take care of us if we truly trust Him and relinquish control. I know that I still believe so many of these lies...I know, because God keeps unravelling these lies one layer at a time, and I am shocked each time at the 'lies' that have been 'truths' that I have believed for so long that I never even questioned them. And you know what?!?!?!

Everytime God exposes one of the lies, I suddenly receive revelation of Him and I am just blown away by how good and merciful and kind He is. I always knew He was good and kind...but the more He reveals to me, the more I realise that He is so above and beyond the goodness that I can even fathom. He is so much more good, loving, kind, compassionate, gentle and amazing than I could even imagine before!!!

Oh God, breathe on me and cause my heart to know the depth, width, length and height of Your love!

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this post shook my heart..
really thank God that He reveals to you about the little children running around in fear and that you posted it here!

7/09/2009 7:17 PM

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