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Posted by Tiffany

I've been doing the Master Cleanser (it's a sort of detoxing fast kinda thing) for the last 36 hours, but I kinda messed up. I first heard of it two years ago when I was surfing the net, and just last week, I found out that my yoga teacher and this guy from my yoga class had been doing it. The guy was doing the cleanse because he used to take a lot of medication for his neck, and so wanted to detox his body, and I was so inspired because he said he felt great.

Basically, to carry out the Master Cleanser (if you wanna read the whole book, click here), you fast from all food and drink except for this special lemonade drink, peppermint tea, and another herbal tea for a minimum of 10 days (40 days max). There were lots of success stories from people who've done the cleanse, and I decided to do it because I want to get rid of all the alcohol, drugs and cigarettes that I've put into my body for the last 6 years.

Anyhow, I went 36 hours before I gave up and ate. And stupidly thinking that because I didn't go 10 days, it was fine to eat normally instead of slowly reintroducing food into my body. So, I wolfed down a whole plate of instant noodles (with chili!!!), and biscuits and ALL THIS MEAT. And now my stomach is hurting oh so oh so badly. That was not a good idea at all to pig out after a fast.

So, I'm thinking of restarting my fast, and instead of going for 10 days, I'll just go for 3, and then after the 3 days, I will slowly reintroduce food into my body just like the book says, starting with orange juice, fruits, and then vegetables before I eat heavier foods like instant noodles.

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