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At this very moment, I am 2 days, 16 hours, and 19 minutes sober. It feels like it's been forever though since my last drink. I don't know how I'll be able to stay sober for long, but I'll just make sure I take everything one day at the time and not start thinking about having to stay sober forever. The thought of never having alcohol again freaks me out, which in turn makes me crave vodka.

These are the steps that my family and I have been taking:
*I don't go out by myself unless I'm accompanied by my parents, and definitely no hanging out at night.

*I take my medication (anti-depressants & anti-convulsants) regularly and as prescribed by my psychiatrist. That part is important because I used to just take my meds whenever I felt like it (which wasn't very often).

*I see my psychiatrist once a week. (My parents see him too when I go to help them feel supported and find out how they can help me)

*I removed all alcohol from my room.

*I stopped seeing and calling (although at times I do end up contacting them) my old friends that I used to drink with. This was the hardest and one of the saddest parts of my recovery.

*I started exercising (doing yoga) and this has really helped to keep my mood more stable.

*I turned to God for help and learned (and am continuing to learn) to rely on Him. Spending time with Him is something I've noticed as being a huge factor and predictor as to whether I stay sober or not.

*I started going to church again and making new friends with godly Christians. It's now kinda hard to nurture these new friendships and to make new ones because I'm not allowed to go out right now...but I'm sure in time as I become more stable, my parents will be more willing to trust me and be comfortable with the idea of me going out to hang with them.

Umm...can't think of any other steps that I've taken, but if you're reading this and think of something that you think might be useful, please leave me a comment.

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Congratulations! Looks like you're on the right track :))

8/27/2006 8:07 PM

Congrats! Keep up the good work,girl!
I take aniti depressants too (unfortunately I havn't taken them in a week or so and I'm feeling a bit "down" (just havn't picked up my refill yet.) But reading your post made me feel better! :)

9/05/2006 3:28 AM

You can do it, Lily! :D

I have been sober since September 30th, 1991 ~ THAT'S 14 YEARS AND COUNTING, almost at my 15th wonderful, happy sober year :)

Autumn xx

9/07/2006 10:27 PM

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