Goodbye Abby!  

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I got my wish. My parents weren't as strict as I thought...I'm not really imprisoned in my house (as I thought before), but the general rule is pretty much when the sun is out, I'm allowed out of the house, but once the sun goes down, I'm supposed to be back. So that rules out any dinners or night time activities...but still, hey at least I get the afternoons (and mornings when I actually wake up before noon!).

Abby's flight back to Canada was at 9pm, and so I was able to go over to her house this afternoon and say goodbye to her. I'm so glad I was able to, even though it was so sad. We've become a 'legend' at our church, with everyone saying that we're twins, and asking where 'our other half is' whenever we're alone. It's going to be lonely going to church and not seeing her. And even more sad is not being able to wake up and roll over, reach out for my mobile and call her for our morning (well afternoon) chats.

This was truly a friendship from God. See, 2 years ago, Abby and I individually prayed to God for a friend who was exactly like us (in terms of life experience), because we were both struggling with being around 'perfect' Christians and always feeling like we weren't good enough. Anyways, we waited, and waited, and waited, until finally, this summer God arranged for us to meet. And of course we hit it off and became the bestest of friends.

We've both messed up in similar ways, but it's been such an encouragement to me to be her friend and see how no matter how many times she's fallen, she still stands firm in her faith and tries to live for God. It helps that neither of us were raised in a Christian home, because for me, it was hard going to church and meeting these people who lived in little Christian 'bubbles' with their Christian friends, Christian music, Christian talk...their struggles were so different from mine, because I was never insulated from the world (well, more than them anyways). But, with Abby, I'm just so able to open up to her and share with her my struggles, and she actually understands and can empathize.

God has blessed us so much, and I pray that He will carry on blessing our friendship.

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By the way, I could totally relate to this post about your new friend. God has answered a prayer like that of mine this past year and it has been such a blessing. Also, thanks for the reminder that the people we hang around make huge impacts on our lives, for good or bad. Great post.

8/28/2006 10:49 PM

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